Current fuel prices per gallon: Member: $4.75 Renters: $4.90 Diesel: $5.75

Safe & secure rack storage for your boat - rent or own as you please!

Minimum Clearances:

LENGTH OVER ALL: To be within rack length dimension & includes all components bow to stern (anchor, trolling motor, swim step, engine, outdrive, etc.)

SIDE CLEARANCE: 4" per side of boat within rack width dimension.

VERTICAL CLEARANCE: 8" vertical height measured from highest point (antenna mount, rod Holder etc.) to bottom of hull must be a minimum 8" less then rack height dimension.

Unit Descriptions are as follows:
First character (A, B, C) is the barn the slip is located.
Second character (1, 2, 3, 4) represents what level the slip is on.
Odd/Even is the unit slip size for each level.

A "fit tolerance" test is highly recommended before purchasing or renting.

Unit DescW x H x D
C4 EVEN10' x 9'8" x 25'
C3 EVEN10' x 9'8" x 25'
C2 EVEN10' x 9'8" x 25'
C1 EVEN10' x 9'8" x 25'
C4 ODD10' x 10' x 30'
C3 ODD10' x 10' x 30'
C2 ODD10' x 10' x 30'
C1 ODD10' x 10' x 30'
B3 EVEN10' x 13' x 30'
B2 EVEN10' x 13' x 30'
B1 EVEN10' x 14' x 30'
B3 ODD10' x 10'9" x 40'
B2 ODD15' x 14' x 40'
B1 ODD15' x 16' x 40'
A3 EVEN10' x 10'5" x 35'
A2 EVEN10' x 14' x 35'
A1 EVEN15' x 15' x 35'
A3 ODD10' x 10' x 35'
A2 ODD10' x 13' x 35'
A1 ODD10' x 15' x 35'

Please call the marina office at (850) 697-5500 for more information.