Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I consider purchasing?
Fee simple ownership at the Club provides for permanent rights to store and enjoy your boat independent of the uncertainty and ever increasing cost of leasing.
Q. What advantages does ownership offer?
  • Unlimited Launch/Retrieval.
  • Complimentary motor flush and hull rinse upon retrieval.
  • Priority Launch/Haul.
  • Access to private Clubhouse.
  • 7 day access to Fish Cleaning Station.
  • $0.10 per gallon fuel discount.
  • Combination key entry to restroom and Clubhouse facilities.
Q. Why own my rack vs. renting?
  • It's an investment in a very limited access market.
  • Rack secondary resale market has proven to be positive.
  • The Association will rent your unit at no cost to you.
  • Protection from increasing rental rack pricing.
Q. Why purchase now?
Market has stabilized, sales are rebounding and supplies of racks are limited. The Club is stable, financially sound, the entrance channel is dredged and the property is in outstanding condition.
Q. What other costs are involved?
As with any condominium, there are quarterly membership dues.
Q. What about property taxes?
Taxes are assessed by Franklin County.
Q. Can I use my boat if the Club is closed?
Yes. We have a number of mooring slips that are equipped with running water and power source. Your boat will be pulled out the next day the Club is open. These mooring slips are prioritized to owners during peak season (May-July).
Q. Do I have to allow extra room within the rack for my boat to be picked up by the forklift?
Yes, this is known as "fit tolerance" and requires 8" of operating room vertically and 4" on each side of the boat.
Q. My boat will barely fit in the rack I'm considering (allowing for the required fit tolerances) should I purchase or consider the next larger?
Great question. Usually, it's wise to purchase a slightly larger rack than you need presently as historically we find people tend to "trade up" in boat size after a year or so.
Q. What are the advantages of being on the ground floor?
Purely personal, but the ground level racks are more convenient and always in demand.
Q. I notice some of the ground level racks in A barn have adjustable ground stands?
These are Premium racks which will self adjust to a variety of different hulls and are moveable within the rack space. Supply is extremely limited.
Q. How does the sales process work?
Purchase contract and closing documents are handled by the Club attorneys Sanders & Duncan, P.A.. Closing normally takes one month, and we will hold your boat at no cost during that period.
Q. How do I know my boat will fit in the rack I'm buying?
We recommend you allow us to trial fit the boat prior to closing.
Q. Is there a difference in the three barns?
Yes, the racks differ in length, height and width beginning with the largest in A barn and working through the building to C barn.
Q. Can I sell my rack?
Yes. Caden at the Club can assist with selling it for you.
Q. What makes the Carrabelle Boat Club different?
The Club is the largest, most modern, safe and secure boat storage marina on Florida's Northern Gulf Coast. Quite simply, there's nothing else like it.
Q. Are the Condo Documents and Articles of Incorporation available for me to review?
Yes, they are available online.
Q. If I sell my boat, can I lease my rack?
Yes. The Club will handle the leasing, collection and disbursement of income for you at no charge.
Q. What are your operational hours?
  • 8:00am - 5:00pm ET (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday)
  • 8:00am - 6:00pm ET (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
  • Closed Tuesday
Q. OK, I'm convinced. Who do I call?
Welcome to the Club! Please call Caden at (850) 631-1644 to get you started.