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Better vacations are in our nature!

RVC Outdoor Destinations is the leading provider of high-quality outdoor hospitality in the United States. Founded in 2006, Memphis, Tennessee-based RVC is actively redefining the camping experience with our original Outdoor Destination concept and upgraded RV Resort properties that offer travelers the benefit of camping on their own terms.

We are redefining the traditional camping experience and taking it to the next level with our unique outdoor vacation concept that includes upgraded facilities and hotel-like amenities set within gorgeous natural environments. Instead of the place to stay on the way to somewhere, we are the somewhere.

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Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew of Carrabelle Boat Club

The CBC A-Team is known for their hard work, creativity, and genuine personalities. These guys love what they do, and truly look forward to their roll in managing the Carrabelle Boat Club. Raising bars and setting standards, it’s what we do. From recycling fish carcasses to the creation of the “Fish Cleaning Palace”, you won’t find a better group of guys or a better team that greets you everyday with a warm and unforgettable smile. Scroll down to meet the crew!

Caden Barber – Marina Director

Caden Barber is the Marina Director at the Carrabelle Boat Club. He’s worked as the Club Manager, certified Marina forklift operator and salesman since 2011. Caden is a licensed Community Association Manager (CAM), and a licensed Real Estate Agent. The Carrabelle Boat Club and Marina Industry are his passion. Caden is on call for sales, rental inquiries and emergencies 24/7 (850-631-1644 or caden@cmmmarinas.com). Give him a call today and learn more about Florida’s Ultimate Marina Club!

Frank Sheridan – Dock Master

Frank Sheridan is the Dock Master here at CBC. He has been with the Club since the beginning, and even helped with initial construction before the grand opening in 2006. Frank is a certified Marina forklift operator, and performs several tedious maintenance projects around the facility. He’s very creative and enjoys playing music during his down time while teaching others to play.

Clarinse Lowary – Grounds Keeper

Clarinse Lowary is our beloved Grounds Keeper and has been a part of the CBC family since 2006. Clarinse keeps the Club property in excellent condition and even created a fish carcass recycling process that creates natural fertilizer for all of his gardens on the property. Clarinse grows beautiful rose gardens, peanuts, watermelons, peppers, bananas, turnip greens, collard greens, mustard greens, strawberries and much more!

Andrew Waller – Marina Forklift Operator

Andrew Waller has been a certified Marina forklift operator since 2013, and is one of the best in the business. If our Wiggins 300 Marina Bull can pick the boat up, Andrew can launch and haul the vessel safely and in a timely manner.

Tayler Hires – Marina Forklift Operator

Tayler Hires has been a certified Marina forklift operator since 2017 and excels at his job. He’s a hard worker and a fast learner. If you need your fish cleaned, Tayler and Clarinse are your “go-to” guys!